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Discover Warehouse Associate Opportunities: 5 Steps

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Discover the warehouse associate career.


  • Receive orders from our customers.
  • Locate the needed items, then pack and prepare them for shipment.
  • Verify and report all incoming and outgoing orders.
  • Unpack and stock all incoming orders.
  • Check and report any damaged inventory.
  • Efficiently interact with our warehouse using the WMS, TMS, RF scan gun.
  • Track and log all orders and products accurately within our computer system.
  • Ensure each order stays on schedule.
  • Navigate through our warehouse efficiently while remaining in compliance with all company safety standards and policies.

As one of our professional Distribution Associates, you would be responsible to prepare and package a large number of shipments for our clients/customers.

Mid-South Outlook:

  • Growing demand! 7% growth each year over the next 30 years expected.
  • They earn about 1.5x more vs retail workers.
  • Shift work means you have a built-in work/life balance.
  • Millennium Search competes for market rate, often beating the rate by 10% or more.


  • High school diploma or equivalent is preferred, as well as previous work experience
  • Strong multitasking abilities
  • Well organized
  • Dependable worker with a clean background
  • Reliable transportation is a must

Wages for Warehouse Associates

Entry Level: $7.25 to $14.50+ per hour

Mid Career: $15 to $22 per hour, depending on experience.

Outlook on Pay rises over the next 30 years; above average inflation rates but also growing demand. This job is likely to be safe from inflation if you maintain skills and increase tenure with a staffing agency. It may be difficult in the near term to ‘jump-around’ to increase wages.

Pay Increases from Staffing Firms: Firms often raise rate annually, or quarterly, and additionally with new listed client opportunities. Make sure you are not burning a bridge by ghosting on your recruiter, bring up concerns to your recruiter if your work/life balance or pay are not satisfying. They can point you towards steps to increase your value.

How to start working as a Warehouse Associate

  1. Apply here, link, and talk with our staff.
  2. Gather documents, you will need two forms of identification. Ask your recruiter for a list of acceptable documents.
  3. Appear on time or early to our interview. You want your best foot forward, this job generally requires punctuality.
  4. Pass the Drug and Background check. Check for exact requires as clients differ, your recruiter can give you clear instructions.
  5. Complete Onboarding and Training!

FAQs for Warehouse Associates

What does a warehouse associate do?

A warehouse associate is akin to an entry level or starting position before being moved to other warehouse operations. A warehouse have many types of jobs open at any given time, and warehouse associates often fill in, or cover, other shift openings.

Who is best fit for this type of work?

You may consider yourself fit for this work if you have ever lifted more than 50 lbs (about 7 to 10 grocery bags). You will need to be able to work for stretches of time, use logs or scanners, and remember locations of storages.

How much can I make over my career?

Once your career is underway, you may have specialized, but as an entry level position, you can expect $15 to $22 per hour. Sometime the condition of work, part time vs full time changes the rate.

What skills do I need to have?

Learn how to be dependable, many people are self-concerned, and in warehouses that can lead to miscommunication and even injury. Reliability means being ready and able to work in an instant, able to focus and communicate across a room, and most importantly able to function as a team member.

More Information

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Feature Image Attribution: Machine operator photo created by aleksandarlittlewolf

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