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Jobs In Cary, North Carolina

What Cary, NC job seekers should know

Millennium Search has opportunities in Cary, NC. Our temporary employment services are now located in Cary, as your staffing agency of choice. Here’ s what you should know about employment and jobs in Cary:

Jobs in Cary, North Carolina

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Job Seekers in Cary

We offer above-average earnings, provide benefits, and work with both small and large businesses. Millennium Search can assist you in completing all of your job seeking tasks. In one visit, you may find a job, apply for it, and get an interview. You can succeed with our network of jobs and possibilities for jobs Cary, NC full time jobs.

Online Community

We really hope you will join the Millennium Search team. Our team is eager to match you with a position that meets your requirements. Follow us on social media to receive job notifications and real-time postings on high paying jobs in Cary, NC.

jobs in cary, north carolina
jobs in cary, north carolina 1

Major Employers In Cary

Millennium Search is a premier staffing and employment agency. We handle our clients full life cycle recruiting management – from candidate qualification, to sourcing, and throughout their placement at your firm. We have an office located in Memphis, TN.

What makes us Different?

Millennium Search offers both the genuine relationship of a locally owned small business and the resources of the largest industry brands. We have many awesome positions with great hourly rates open all over the mid-south at some of the world’s largest companies. Click “Submit Jobs” at the top of the page.


What is a good hourly rate in Cary, NC?

A good hourly rate for jobs in Cary would fall between $11.50 and $17.50, depending upon important commitments, life stages and other expenses such as childcare. Cary’s expenses are about 27% lower than the national average. Also many jobs in Cary, NC Part Time may pay a different rate than fulltime.

Can I make a living income in Cary, NC?

It is possible to achieve a balanced budget with savings, and fulfilling both wants and needs. The average hourly income in Cary is $15 to $17, per hour, however those earlier in their career can expect lower hourly rates. Having certifications or experience can increase your income.

Top Jobs in Cary, NC

Top Job Listings – We can help you find employment with a great opportunity.

You can also submit a general application, and then we can seek out your match.

What are the top companies hiring in Cary, NC?

Cary is home to a number of organizations seeking all types of workers. We help these companies by sourcing talented and dedicated employees for both Light Industrial and Professional services jobs in Cary, NC.