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Step into the world of warehouses, production, and industry

Seeking Light Industrial Careers? Millennium Search is an expert in Light Industrial Careers and the Light Industrial Staffing industry, with over 20 years of running the best staffing firm in the mid-south and collective industry experience of over 250 years you are in good hands with our recruiting team. We know and understand the light industrial industry like the back of our hand, even playing a part in making it rewarding career with growth and opportunity.

Read on to find your next Light Industrial Career.

  • Forklift Drivers – Discover how you can reach driven success. Forklift drivers make…. Read More
  • Warehouse Associates – Learn about the various entry level type roles to fill… Learn Now
  • Order Picker – Picking a career in which you pick out items… Now how to do it
  • Apartment Maintenance Technician – Fix the things that makes homes, homes… find out more
  • Call Center Associate – Answer the call of our client’s needs by communicating… ring up a new job
  • Assembler – Build Your Skills, Build Your Future. Learn More.

Do you have questions about these light industrial careers?

Visit our career pages to discover how to be successful in the Light Industrial Career Path you choose. Each page also lists are job opening for ever career we have local opportunities for, don’t waste time on national job boards apply locally!

How do I find work?

Unfortunately the online application process for large job sites make it hard to know where you stand with the companies you apply for; in some cases the job may not even be real. Millennium Search makes it very easy to find work, apply, visit, and get to working, usually that same week.

What does LID mean?

Light Industrial. Its a type of job that doesn’t usually require extreme knowledge in production and supply chain. Its a wonderful stepping stone that pays 40% higher than retail or service work. Typically you can find full time employment and shift work for the exact same types of jobs. Its also easy to train and grow your career with a LID job. With experience Light Industrial Careers make 3 to 8 times minimum wage; not to mention entry level typically starts at $15 or higher for high demand work.

What if I don’t like the job?

Its always a good idea to do work you like and find rewarding. Over 30,000 mid-south associates of our have said it is rewarding, maybe because we make very easy to change career path here at Millennial Search. After working your new job, if you don’t like, call your recruiter and they can help you seamlessly transfer to a new career path without any loss in income.

What makes a Staffing Firm a good choice?

We make it very easy to find work, an we make it very easy to grow your career. While in our Career Network, you can easily seek new and higher paying opportunities. If you apply on your own, you risk being underpaid, underemployed, or worst some candidate can’t find work for over 8 months. We get you to your next paycheck in under 2 weeks.

How much can I make in Light Industrial Careers

There are many various jobs in LID work, ranging from Forklift driver to Housekeepers and Picker/Packers. The typical range for entry level is Minimum Wage to about $15 and hour, some eve starting at or above $18! When selecting a LID job, don’t focus only on the pay, but also the skills and duties (career knowledge) you will gain. This is typically what accelerates your pay, some LID works close to retirement can make upwards of $35/hour and more.

Candidates that apply via for light industrial careers our staffing site find work up to 30 days sooner than those seeking work on sites like Indeed. We hire 60% of applications in under 14 days, and 40% in under just one week. Highly motivated? We hire you almost instantly*.

What’s light Industrial Work?

light industrial examples: forklift driver, cherry picker, packager, handler, material handler, and more.

What is considered industrial work?

Any warehouse work that isn’t making use of highly specialized work. Examples include moving material, sorting orders, or shelving goods.

What Are Light Industrial Jobs?

These are jobs that take place in an industrial setting.

What Light Industrial Jobs Are in Demand?

Warehouse work is at the top of the list with drivers of forklift, packagers, and movers.

Are there light industrial salaries?

Sometimes, but typically the work is paid weekly per hour worked. This ranges from $12 to $22 per hours, with some jobs as high as $30. Light industrial salary is very rare.

Are there light industrial jobs near me?

You can find jobs here on Millennium Search. We have daily openings.

Not sure what you want for a career?

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* We hire instantly when we have a recent employment history, references, and after confirming drug test results and backgrounds for most of our clients.

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