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Is a Call Center Representative Career Right for you? 5 Call Center Career Tips.

call center representative

Is This Career Calling You?

As one of our Call Center Agents, you would be responsible to work with our customers/clients to answer their questions and address any concerns or problems they may be facing. Your job is to ensure every customer is satisfied with their care!


  • Answer a large number of inbound calls within a reasonable time frame.
  • Familiarize yourself with our products and services to ensure you are providing accurate information to our customers.
  • Become familiar with the different scripts we have prepared for the different situations you may be faced with.
  • Listen carefully to our customers and effectively identify the problem or concern they are facing.
  • Thoroughly research and investigate any claims customers may make against the company and work with the customer to come to a satisfactory resolution for both parties.
  • Remind customers of the incredible value our product/service brings to their lives.
  • Meet upselling quotas and other personal goals set by you and your manager.
  • Accurately record each interaction with our customers.


  • Previous experience in a customer service position.
  • A friendly, personable attitude.
  • Active listener with strong verbal communications skills.
  • Able to effectively manage time and a large number of tasks.
  • Familiar with CRM systems.
  • Tech savvy and able to quickly pick up on new computer systems.

You might be wondering if this career is right for you. Give us a call at (901)-761-6141 to be directed to a recruiter that can help.

Wages for Call Center Representative

Entry Level: $7.25 to $14.50+ per hour

Mid Career: $15 to $22 per hour, depending on experience.

Outlook on Pay rises over the next 30 years; above average inflation rates but also growing demand. This job is likely to be safe from inflation if you maintain skills and increase tenure with a staffing agency. It may be difficult in the near term to ‘jump-around’ to increase wages.

Pay Increases from Staffing Firms: Firms often raise rate annually, or quarterly, and additionally with new listed client opportunities. Make sure you are not burning a bridge by ghosting on your recruiter, bring up concerns to your recruiter if your work/life balance or pay are not satisfying. They can point you towards steps to increase your value.

call center representative

How to start working as a Call Center Representative

Time to Succeed 7 days

1. Know you Conversations from your Complaints

It’s vital to be a wonderful, not just good, communicator. Learn how to easily tell between an inquiry call from a concerning customer complaint. Be able to converse while typing is a plus. Yes, if you can text and video call that counts!

2. Find the right company to support you.

The key to being able to satisfy customers is to be satisfied yourself! You want to ideal work for a staffing firm over a small call business. Often large call operations seek out “vendors” aka staffing firm associates, these pay more than smaller centers.

3. Practice makes perfect!

You should practice phone calls in advance of launching this type of career. Ask your family and friends what they think of when they call you, how you sound, and other personal concerns about ‘tone’ or style of speech. Once you feel ready, apply, visit, and start!


  • Creative Skills and Marketable Skills (i.e., customer service)


  • Resume
  • Phone

Materials: None

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FAQs for Call Center Representative

What is a CSR?

A customer service representative is sometimes shortened to CSR.

What is a call center?

A call center is a unit of a business designed to allow a large volume of calls from clients or customers to be received or made.

Not sure what to do? If CSR isn’t your calling, don’t pick up! Try another career.

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